Yingchuang Building Technique needs those graduates or industry elites who are confident and full of dream to join us! Your dream will come ture here!

Public Relation

Release time:2017-05-05Number:1Address:Hangzhou


1.Colleague degree or above;with more than 3 years relevant work experience;

2.Be familiar with relevant policies, laws and regulations;

3.Duties:patents application,new high-tech enterprises outward service;

4.Both full-time and part-time are acceptable;

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Admin Specialist

Release time:2017-05-05Number:1Address:Hangzhou


1.Colleague degree or above; good looking and temperament; above 160cm high;

2.With more than one year work experience,free graduate acceptable;

3.Positive,with strong executive ability;

4.With strong sense of responsibility,excellent express ability and coordinate ability;

5.Should go on business trip to branch office.

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HR & Admin Manager

Release time:2017-05-05Number:1Address:Hangzhou


1.Colleague degree or above; major in HR,business administration;

2.Related work experience more than 5 years; experience in HR administration priority;

3.Know modern enterprise personnel management model and practice experience accumulation; familiar with various functional modules of human resource management; with national related laws and regulations;

4.Have advanced management concept and perfect system administration knowledge; familiar with standardized and institutionalized management;

5.Strong executive ability; friendly; ability to motivate, communicate, coordinate team work;

6.Responsible, careful, steady at work; have strong team spirit.

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Network Engineer

Release time:2017-05-05Number:1Address:Hangzhou


1.Colleague degree or above,Computer profession;

2.With more than five years work experience;be in charge of routine maintenance and update;

3.Managing company servers and routers,and network platform operation, monitoring and maintenance and other work;

4.With computer grade certification priority;

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Construction Engineer

Release time:2017-05-05Number:1Address:Hangzhou


1.Bachelor degree or above; Construction, civil engineering profession;

2.Technicians should finish specified work under superior lead and supervision,and accomplish tasks independently.

3.Be familiar with  national and regional current norms and regulations; with construction design and construction site management specifications and procedures; manage project quality and ensure progress and control project cost effectively

4.With strong construction site management and coordination ability,with rich construction management experience,with good team work and communication ability;

5.With strong organization,communication and coordinate ability;can work under pressure.

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Operator, management, technical experts of 3D dream factory

Release time:2017-05-05Number:10Address:Hangzhou


1.Active and enterprising youth;

2.Graduated from Manager, CNC, New Material, Marketing profession;

3.2016 free graduated priority;

Duties: As a leader of dream factory, you should report your work to local dreamworks operations director and accept the management of the operation director. You also should organize workers to operate printing equipment in production, sales and engineering positions. And you are responsible for signing the sales order and implementing the project. 

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Work address:(Near Dongfang Avenue) No.1, Jingu Road, Suzhou Industry Park

Tel:18816996190 Miss Fang, Personnel Department

E-mail:[email protected]